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Hi, I’m Drew Cotton

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been an athletic person. I was in constant motion, obsessed with all of the athletic endeavors my body could do. From basketball, tennis, soccer, jiu jitsu and even to getting a degree in musical theater and dance I have been infatuated with how much the body can achieve. While in college I discovered a love for coaching people and showing them how their bodies can move and adapt in ways they normally didn’t think possible.

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Training Specialist

Drew Cotton with a client

Soon after graduating, I became a nationally accredited personal trainer through NCCPT, and am also a certified powerlifting coach, TRX coach, kettlebell coach, corrective exercise specialist, and a pre/post natal training specialist through Pronatal Fitness.

I’ve had the pleasure to have spent the past 12 years working with people from all walks of life. From your typical 9-5er, to actors and dancers, mixed martial artists and jiu jitsu practitioners, senior citizens, and pregnant people I’ve provided dozens of different modalities for each individual and their needs. I utilize what I’ve learned from years in the gym, playing sports, and education to simplify an intimidating space and turn it into a tool to help build your confidence, and ultimately help get you to where you want to be.

In association with Recalibrate Physical Therapy, and NYC Performance Lab I am able to supply clients with a one stop shop of health and wellness to my clients. I will never pretend to know all the answers, I’m always learning too, and I’ve surrounded myself with doctors to help me fill in the blanks to further benefit the fitness journey that you’re allowing me to be a part of.  

Beyond being a CPT, I am also a pre/post natal training specialist through ProNatal Fitness. I’ve worked with numerous pregnant people and have been a part of incredibly successful birth teams to aid them in the most athletic endeavor the human body can do. I specifically chose to focus on pre/post natal because I found that the care for pregnant people who are going through a major physical, emotional, and mental change is severely lacking and under appreciated. The human body is able to do more than we give it credit for and in working with me, we will safely and responsibly get you ready for life’s true ultimate marathon.