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Weight lifting machines

How it Works

Receive specialized programming from Cotton Fitness, where everything is tailored and adjusted in real time to accommodate not only your goals, but your needs after gaining insight into your fitness history and how you move.

Step 1

Consultation & Assessment (50 min)

Cotton Fitness accommodates all abilities. Whether you’re a beginner who has never lifted a weight in their life, or a seasoned athlete with sport specific needs, one-on-one personal training is the place to feel the support you need. 

If you’re looking for one on one private sessions with the kind of individualized focus you deserve in a fun and professional atmosphere, you’re in the right place.

Step 2

Program Creation

Let’s be perfectly honest, anyone can make someone sweat and breathe hard. It can feel great to get that sweat on but with no direction makes it redundant. What I do is take multiple aspects of fitness from traditional weight training, HIIT, and bodyweight training and morph it into a singular program that best fits you and your needs/goals. 

Step 3

Personal Training Sessions (50 min)

The sessions are directly tailored toward you and what you’re working on. We’ll start each session with a warm up and a check in. This is both a mental and physical check in. This lets me know of any last minute things that may make me decide to change course with what we were planning to do. After the warm up, we’ll dive right into the program. Once we finish the work that’s planned I’ll take you through a short five minute cool down/stretch to wind everything down and get you ready for the next portion of the day.