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Kettle bell and exercise equipment


Individualized personal training at a private gym in Midtown Manhattan.

Cotton Fitness is based out of Recalibrate PT owned and operated by Dr. Steven Sunderraj PT, DPT, USAW. As well as working in association with Recalibrate PT, Cotton Fitness also works alongside NYC Performance Lab (VO2 Max/RMR & body composition testing), chiropractor Dr. Jacob Klein DC, CCSP, as well as foot and ankle surgeon Dr. John Mwando DPM, MD. All of this in one place to create a one stop shop of health and wellness. 

Recalibrate PT is located within a four block radius of all major transit lines. It’s located on the forth floor, and the building has an elevator.

Our facility has everything you need for a great workout, and then some. We have an array of kettlebells, dumbbells up to 100 lbs, multiple squat racks as well as barbells, trap bar, sled, a belt squat machine specifically for those with back injuries that don’t allow for loading on the spine, as well as a separate mat space for core work and cool down stretching.

The space also has two showers that provide shampoo, body wash, and conditioner (we ask that you bring your own towel), as well as two bathrooms with one being handicap accessible.