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Drew Cotton with a client

Personal Training

Regain confidence with your body, feel comfort in your skin again, and meet the strongest version of yourself working with Cotton Fitness.

Cotton Fitness has over a decade of experience at your disposal.

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Private &
Semi-Private Training

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Prenatal &
Postnatal Fitness

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Virtual Training

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1:1 Personal Training

Drew Cotton with a client

One-on-one personal training at Cotton Fitness provides a specific focus and specialized experience to take wherever you are in your health and fitness journey to a whole new level. These private sessions guarantee guidance and insight with what you need to best get you to your own goals.

Why do private sessions?

  • Customized workouts designed based around your personal goals
  • Feedback and adjustments from an expert trainer with 12 years of professional experience
  • Focused attention on injury prevention and coaching with a specialized attention to corrective exercise
  • A private space for focused training with little distraction
  • Gain confidence to be able to workout on your own and not feel lost or confused
  • Feel stronger and more confident in yourself
  • Gain the tools necessary to be able to live a long, healthy, and strong life
  • Get the boost you need to achieve your fitness goals

Cotton Fitness accommodates all abilities. Whether you’re a beginner who has never lifted a weight in their life, or a seasoned athlete with sport specific needs, one-on-one personal training is the place to feel the support you need. 

If you’re looking for one on one private sessions with the kind of individualized focus you deserve in a fun and professional atmosphere, you’re in the right place.

Semi-Private Training

Drew Cotton with a client

Working out is sometimes best enjoyed with a buddy! Whether it’s with your partner, or your best friend, semi-private training is a perfect way to get similar personalized focus as one on one while pushing yourself and your partner to work even harder.

Why do semi-private training?

  • Customized workouts designed and based around both of your individual goals
  • Feedback and adjustments from an expert trainer with 12 years of professional experience
  • Motivate each other to work harder and achieve your fitness goals together
  • Create a closer relationship than you ever had with your workout partner
  • Keep each other accountable
  • Misery loves company! Sometimes you want to hate a workout with someone else and nothing builds the bonds of friendship or partnership like a shared resentment for circuit training.

If you and a partner are looking for an increased challenge, to learn together, and cheer each other on while getting personalized focus from a certified coach fill, fill out the contact form to get started!

Pre/Post Natal Training

Drew Cotton with a client

Working out as a pregnant person was once considered to be wrong or irresponsible, and has only recently through numerous scientific studies been shown to benefit both the parent and the baby.

From strengthening the pelvic floor to aid in pushing, focusing on finding neutral alignment to take pressure off of the low back when the belly and internal abdominal pressure grows, to labor prep and core recovery, working with a certified specialist exponentially increases the odds of a smooth labor and a happy healthy baby. Giving birth is the hardest thing we can put the body through. If we don’t run a marathon without training before hand, we should absolutely be training for labor and beyond. Here at Cotton Fitness, with specialized attention, we will help be a major support for you and your needs in your entire pregnancy journey.

  • Why should I work with a Pre/Post natal trainer?
    • If you were to engage in a highly physical activity that puts tremendous strain on your body, you would prepare your body by training for that specific activity. The same goes for pregnancy, labor, and recovery. Every medical professional will encourage exercise in some capacity when you’re pregnant. Whatever level of activity you were at before you became pregnant, it’s generally safe for you to continue doing it in the early stages of your pregnancy. However, in working with a specialist, Regardless of your fitness level, the focus should always start on a foundational level working towards neutral alignment to relieve pressure from the low back as the belly grows, learning how to breathe correctly and engage/strengthen the core naturally, as well as developing a strong pelvic floor through pelvic floor activation exercises which will be essential not only to your labor prep but also to the labor itself, and recovery. From the foundational level we’ll move into strength training and eventually get to a place where we will use specific circuit training to mimic contraction times and designed rest to mimic the rest you will have in between contractions to help you be the most prepared mentally for success on the big day.
  • What about after I give birth?
    • After you give birth you can immediately begin your recovery journey. This doesn’t mean you can get up and start doing jump squats, you have to start very slowly, but you can immediately (when you feel ready) begin to do pelvic floor activation coupled with breathing exercises for your recovery. Roughly after 6 weeks post birth, you should get clearance from your doctor to resume physical activity and then we begin the journey of true recovery. Whether it be recovering from diastasis recti, incontinence, or from feeling disconnected from your body, specifically your core, by working together we will get you back to a place where you feel strong and ready to tackle the daily activities that come with loving on your new bundle of joy. Working with a specialized coach also allows you to have incredibly precious “me time” where the focus is purely on you, allowing you to continue to feel the constant support and focus that you received in your prenatal care.